Welcome to documentation for the 3D Linearized Free Surface Wave Resistance Code

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  • Linearized free surface boundary condition
  • Fortran 90 implementation


Build the executable:

  • make file set up to use gfortran
  • assumes you have make tools.
  • might work with g95 but not tested
  • cd into the main directory for this project and run:

$ make


Run the included wigley hull example with

$ ./flowsolve fifi.dat test1.out .2

  • ./flowsolve runs the executable
  • fifi.dat selects the included panel input file of the wigely hull
  • test1.out sets an output file
  • .2 sets the Froude number to 0.2


  • Hydrodynamic results are viewable in .vtp files
  • VTK Paraview is the recommended viewing engine.


This version tested on:

  • OSX
  • Linux